Welcome to the Adirondack Woodturners Association!

TurningAbout Us:

The AWA is a nonprofit membership organization, dedicated to woodturning and the pursuit of woodturning knowledge, skill, and experience. Formed in the Capital Region of New York State in January 2000 for any and all interested in turning wood, the AWA helps its members learn about woodworking while having FUN!

We meet regularly throughout the year.
AWA is an organization for the curious, novice and the expert. The AWA is a special interest group of The Northeastern Woodworkers
Association and a local chapter of the American Association of Woodturners.

Love Wood, Want to Learn How to Turn?
Then Join
The Adirondack Woodturners Association (AWA)

• We have a Learning Center located in Clifton Park with full size and mini lathes.
  Click here to see pictures  of our 2014 Open House at the Learning Center
• “Learn and Turn” sessions every week (except on meeting weeks) and weekend classes on a
variety of turning topics• Totally turning – one of the largestwoodturning symposiums!
Click here to see pictures from our 2014 Showcase and Totally Turning symposium
• Video/book libraries and group discounts on woodturning tools and supplies

One Membership for Two Clubs

When you join the AWA you’ll also become a member of the Northeastern Woodworkers Association. Click on this link to go to the  NWA site for more information.

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